westword tattoo on my forehead"">

What Marijuana Means to Colorado: "i will get a marijuana leaf/westword tattoo on my forehead"

As part of our search for a marijuana-dispensary critic, we asked applicants to write in and tell us what marijuana means to them. In the coming weeks, we'll publish some of our favorites, including this one, from a guy not fond of the shift key.

my resume is basically full of jobs that i held when i was in my 20's. and they were all bullshit. however i am a writer. excelled in college. i've never been published but i have a million samples. mostly on observations i've made since i moved to denver 3 years ago.

marijuana. what it means to me has changed over the years. smoking scwagg when i was 14 just because it was "cool." finding kind bud when i was 17. and then. graduating high school, getting a job, and also graduating to narcotics. i was a heroin addict in pennsylvania when i was 19. i left marijuana behind. when i got clean, 6 years ago, i started smoking again. marijuana is my alternative to taking pills for anxiety and depression. it has never let me down. never made me want to rob a bank. never put me in a situation where i felt compelled to prostitute myself.

i received my license in march. since then i have been to 7 dispesaries. i have sampled over 100 strains, edibles, and hash and. i have had issues with each dispensary. mostly getting shut down. employees stealing. shitty weed. bags that didn't weigh. proprieters who are definitely in it to make a quick buck. i've also caught dispensaries selling illegal shit and practicing illegal activities inside the dispense. see cannabis medical. they will eventually be shut down i'm sure. letting people with no license in the dispense and smoking them up. bad business. irresponsible business especially when you are putting your patients at risk. not to mention your livelihood.

and the prices? sometimes they are questionable. i have purchased a $75 dollar eighth that was bunk. i have bought a $55 dollar sack from the same place and it was incredible.

i am a good writer. the one thing i know that i excel at. i am also a daily weed smoker who visits dispensaries 2 -3 times weekly.

i'm glad you guys are doing this. mm in colorado is exploding. i am a stay at home dad. i don't need money. i don't need a job. but. i have wanted to write for westword for so long. and this would be the perfect union.

i will get a marijuana leaf/westword tattoo on my forehead to get this gig. and i have no tattoos at all. i am 32 years old. some college. grew up on the east coast. and. i also grow my own.

please consider me for this position. i may not be as qualified as some. but i'm just asking for a fair chance. if i'm not what you're looking for. so be it.

i can provide writing samples whenever you need them. i wrote a piece about the homelsss who die drunk on the banks of the platte. pretty serious stuff.

please. don't make me beg. take a chance. let me write one piece on the adventures of my dispensary experiences thus far. and. if you don't like it? cool. oh wait. it sounds like i'm begging.

keep up the good work. i thought the dispensary piece last week was good. but there were some key info left out.


oh. and if i didn't answer the question. to me. marijuana means a fight against propaganda. it means that i have an alternative to alcohol. it means a personal choice.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.