What marijuana means to Colorado: "We are all in this together"

Last week, as part of our search for a marijuana-dispensary critic, we asked applicants to write in and tell us what marijuana means to them. Beginning today, we'll publish some of our favorites, including this one from applicant "Valmont Green."

Have you ever asked yourself what you mean to marijuana? In the trenches of our uphill battle against freeing this botanical miracle, marijuana herself knows that in the greenest of her hearts, that she and the fight to free her is an act of humanity. It's the people that drive the fight. They spread the wisdom. They discredit the old myths such as "Reefer Madness" and trumpet our triumphs like our holy statistic of zero deaths. I say our, because it belongs to you and it belongs to me. And in this war of will, intellect and stoner resolve we all need allies. The chosen allies now are the noble and licensed Dispensary runners who bring us our medicine, our high, our privilege in a legal template. Setting the course for our ultimate goal of decrim and legalese. We are all in this together. Our Plant. Our Love. Our Fight.

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