"Where the buffet at, yo?"

What the blood clot?! Method Man among early celeb sightings

The buzz around my hotel -- aside from outrage over the $1 a minute charge to use the business center computers -- is about one of the guests. Rapper Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan was in Denver for the weekend's Rock the Bells concert, and he's staying here.

Meth's room is one floor below mine. The delegate from Shaolin Island is keeping a low profile, but at the American Presidential Experience downtown you can get your picture taken behind a replica Oval Office desk. I'm going to suggest it for his next album cover.

Celebrity sightings are happening with a regularity that is surprising, given that the action hasn't started yet. While I was in a Denver Nordstrom today asking about business traffic for a future post, the Dave Matthews Band came in to buy suits. Melissa Etheridge and Cyndi Lauper were reportedly shopping at the Cherry Creek mall earlier this morning, too. Etheridge and Lauper both have concerts here this week. -- Jeff Shaw

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