Where Brian Dawkins can get a Super Bowl ring: eBay

At a press availability yesterday, newly minted Denver Bronco Brian Dawkins, a veteran safety who's a legend among Philadelphia Eagles faithful, declared, "I would love to have a ring. I would love to finish it all with a ring." And from what I understand, the gathered reporters were polite enough not to laugh in his face when he said it. After all, there's no way on earth the Broncos can get good enough to compete for a Super Bowl before Dawkins' playing days are done. Hell, they might not be able to reach that level prior to Knowshon Moreno's retirement -- and he's a rookie this year.

Luckily for Dawson, though, eBay offers him some options. Right now, a sparkler commemorating the Pittsburgh Steelers' 1978 Super Bowl win is on sale for $950, and bidders are invited to make offers (four have already done so). The ring's design references legendary receiver Lynn Swann, but it could be a reproduction, judging by the fact that the gems are cubic zirconia. There's also a listing for a repro of San Francisco 49er legend Jerry Rice's Super Bowl 24 bauble -- the asking price is $379, and one bid has been registered at this writing. And if Dawkins would rather save a few bucks, a set of twelve Super Bowl ring party favors made for inserting into cupcakes is going for just $2.75. By picking them up, he can endear himself to eleven other Broncos who won't be winning Super Bowl rings anytime soon.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.