Denver boosters in the early '70s...or is that today?
Denver boosters in the early '70s...or is that today?
Denver Public Library

Reader: Denver Wooing the Olympics? No Thank You...Again!

On December 15, the announcement came that Mayor Michael Hancock, Governor John Hickenlooper and other officials and business leaders have formed a committee to explore the possibility of bidding to host a future Winter Olympics or Paralympic Winter Games in the city that famously rejected the 1976 Winter Olympics as part of a citizens' revolt. The response to the news came fast and furious from readers — mostly furious. No, no, hell, no, they cried, in a number of variations. Responds Stephen: 

OH, NO, YOU DON'T! History has clearly proven that host cities for Olympics lose out big time with all the concessions and costs. Neither Denver nor Colorado needs this. And I'm in the building and real estate development biz. Imagine that.

Adds Peter: 

This would be almost as bad as an Amazon headquarters.

Says Josh: 

More construction, crowds, and traffic in Colorado? Please, no.

Adds Tyrone: 

I hope we will not be wasting massive sums of money and resources to bribe the massively corrupt IOC to bring an event here which will leave empty and useless buildings in its wake.

Suggests Melissa: 

Hmm, think we need snow before we can host the Winter Olympics, don't you?

Comments Justin: 

Reject reject reject. Look at the mess Atlanta was left in. We don’t have the population of L.A. to make the cost we put into it worth it after the two weeks are up.

Says Zack: 

You know what Denver should be exploring? Affordable housing for the people who live here. Not forcing us to build yet another stadium, while Agent Orange is already raising our taxes to begin with.

Concludes Rhonda: 

We were right the first time. So no thank you again.

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Courtesy Denver Public Library

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Denver Public Library

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In 1972, Coloradans became the first state to reject the Olympics, a move that sent legislator Dick Lamm on his way to the Governor's Mansion, and forever (we hope) cementing the reputation of this state as a haven for independent-minded thinkers.

Judging from the quick responses to the news of yet another exploratory committee being formed to investigate the possibility of luring the Olympics here, Coloradans are still a bunch of independent-minded thinkers.

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