Which sport looks more lame -- extreme unicycling or fixed-gear bike tricks?

There are certain sports out there that -- no matter how difficult, dangerous or athletic -- just look lame when people do them.

I'm thinking of curling, speedwalking, skysurfing, downhill telemark skiing, camel racing, frisbee golf, etc. -- all so hard to be really good at, and all soooo stupid-looking. It's like the Segway: Sure, it's an awesome, efficient little machine, but have you ever seen one person who didn't look like a complete ninny while riding around on one? On a lark, I once took one of the electric stand-up scooters on a cruise through the Denver Skatepark. Strangely, the locals were not impressed.

Until recently, I considered the ultimate example of this paradox to be the niche action sport of extreme unicyling. When I saw a kid doing it at a skatepark years ago, my mind was blown as much by the crazy tricks he could pull off as by how miraculously uncool he still looked doing them. How could you be that amazing at your sport and still look like a douchebag on wheels?

Well, after seeing a video of a guy doing stunt riding on a fixed-gear bike through downtown Denver, I am at an impasse. Which is the hardest lame-looking sport? Judge for yourself after watching the three clips below, or nominate others I may have missed.

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