Who wants to go in with me on a tricked-out Hummer? Anyone?

I was driving on Speer Boulevard near 12th Avenue when I spotted this tricked-out 2005 H2 Hummer with a very unadorned "FOR SALE" sign taped to the back. I just had to get a photo.

Talk about a sign of the times. It reads: "Factory build-off truck. 1 of 2 ever produced. Has been in numerous magazines. Has taken 1st place in Lowrider Magazine... $55,000."

This Craigslist posting for the ride says, "THIS BADASS TRUCK WAS $150,000 NEW AND I PUT IN A $22,000 SYSTEM IN IT!!!" Okay. A $172,000 car going for fiddy-five OBO? That's not just bargain-basement -- that's Please, Lord, somebody buy this godforsaken beast from me now.

It would be perfect for my collection of early 2000s decadence pieces, but I'm waiting for one of those tree-shaped fake islands in Dubai to hit the foreclosure auction.

I wonder if the Lone Tree Police Department wants it?

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Jared Jacang Maher