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Who will save the hookers at the DNC?

The hookers are coming. Get your prayer books ready.

That’s the mantra of a local Christian group planning to help save sex workers during the Democratic National Convention.

Streets Hope, a group dedicated to getting hookers off the streets, claims that "an estimated 40,000 prostitutes" will be brought to Denver for the DNC. We have no idea where they came up with such an apocalyptic number—or how many shuttles from DIA will be needed to accommodate the influx of clear plastic heels. All we know is the folks from Streets Hope, and their partners at Open Door Ministries and the Mile High Baptist Association, will be ready.

Last night, more than fifty volunteers showed up at a church off Pecos Street to pray, sing and learn their plan of attack. Their mission, according to the group’s training flyer, is to reach "those who want to leave the adult industry."

Starting next Friday, the group will distribute business cards to hotels, strip clubs, cab drivers and other dens of sin, with a hotline number for women to call if they are looking for a "way out." Social workers and counselors will answer the calls and even send volunteer "intervention teams" to rescue the women and bring them to a safe house, if that’s what the caller desires.

But of course, they might also just pray with them. The training flyer lists as its first priority: "Pray as often as possible before the DNC, during the DNC, and after the DNC."

For with thousands of prostitutes descending on the city -- not to mention hordes of heathen liberals! -- prayer seems like the group’s best hope.

"If we are not covered in prayer, we will not win the spiritual battle that will surely be waged against us as we enter the enemy’s territory," the flyer states. "We must pray without ceasing." -- Lisa Rab

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