Will La La and Melo help NBA stars find love?

La La Vazquez, former MTV veejay and fiance of Nuggets starter Carmelo Anthony, knows a bit about love-themed reality shows -- especially the VH1 kind that star gold-toothed-'80s-rappers-who-once-had-relations-with-the-Russian-chick-from-

Rocky IV

and crazy bitches who cat-fight other crazy bitches.

But is she planning to produce a reality show of her own? Word is that La La, who has appeared on VH1's Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love, Charm School and For the Love of Ray J, plans to produce a show called Love and Basketball, in which she and Melo would help lonely NBA stars find love.

The show isn't mentioned on La La's website, IamLaLa.com, or on the site of her and Melo's production company, Krossover Entertainment. However, a press release confirms that La La and Melo are developing another reality show called The Sixth Man that would scour the country's blacktop basketball courts for the next big pro.

E-mails asking about Love and Basketball sent to press handlers for La La and Krossover Entertainment weren't immediately returned. Are entertainment bloggers just confused about La La's next project? Are they assuming that contestants on The Sixth Man will get hooked up with a lady -- or a seventh man, if that's their preference -- in addition to being signed with a sports agent?

Who knows. Let's just hope that whatever the show is, it doesn't star Flavor Flav.

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