Willow the cat befriends Anderson Cooper, clears up her backstory, kind of (VIDEO)

If you thought Willow, the formerly lost Broomfield feline, experienced the adventure of her lives during the five years before she turned up in New York City, think again. Since her rediscovery, the cat has become a true American Internet meme and rubbed elbows with some of its biggest names and publications. One recent entry to the list: Anderson Cooper.

There's still no telling what Willow did before she was found on East 20th Street last week, and she's not sharing with Cooper, either. The journalist extroardinaire got nothing out of the six-year-old feline -- other than a hug, which he lords over her family, still separated from their cat at the time, via videochat on view below. Willow is pretty darn cute, though, so who can blame him?

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Anderson isn't alone in his obsession with the four-pawed wonder, though he is one of the few who earned a formal introduction since her national identity was cemented. Through her spot on the show, Willow was digitally reunited with her former (and now current) owners, the Squires family, and though she appears nonplussed, we're guessing she's just not looking forward to that flight to Colorado. This video is quite literally one minute and 38 seconds of Willow's fifteen minutes of fame.

Granted, we're no closer to discovering what the hell Willow was up to in her five lost years (Memento, anyone?), but we do have our guesses. And thanks to our sister paper, the Village Voice, and Gothamist tipster, we now know how she got to New York: A misguided skier mistook Willow for a stray while on a trip to Colorado and brought her back to Brooklyn. The mystery tourist insists there are no surprises in the half a decade they spent together, but we remain skeptical. (Willow is too much of a cool cat to show her cards early.)

What do you think?

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