The scene of the two crashes. Additional images, a video and more below.
The scene of the two crashes. Additional images, a video and more below.

Woman Hits Man With Truck, Then Is Killed By 2nd Vehicle While Checking on Him

Talk about a tragic sequence of events.

Last night, a woman struck a man who stepped in front of her truck.

Then, while checking on him, she was hit by another vehicle.

At this writing, the man is fighting for his life and the woman is dead.

Warning: the video below includes an image of her covered body.

The incident took place near the intersection of 102nd and Federal Boulevard in Westminster, the area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

The details are provided by the Westminster Police Department.

Around 8:45 p.m., the WPD notes, officers were informed about what was characterized as an "auto-pedestrian accident" — a description that gives only the barest idea about what actually occurred.

Investigators believe that the man "entered the road suddenly" and was struck by the woman's truck, which was traveling southbound on Federal.

At that point, the woman in the truck pulled over to the side of the road and dismounted to learn the extent of his injuries.

Emergency workers at the scene.
Emergency workers at the scene.

As she was walking toward his fallen body, however, she was hit by another car driving south on Federal.

She was declared dead at the scene.

The man survived his initial injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

At last report, he was in critical condition.

Once the scope of the tragedy was understood, law enforcement responded in force, as 9News' Christine Noel noted in the text that accompanies her tweet of a brief video clip.

At this point, police don't think alcohol, drugs or excessive speed were factors in either of the incidents.

However, Fox31 notes that the area isn't particularly well lit.

Westminster police have not released the names of any parties involved in the series of crashes and are only describing the victims by their genders.

Look below to see Fox31's report from the scene, which, as we noted above, includes a brief shot of the woman's body — an image that may disturb some readers.

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