WWE's Vince McMahon and the PR gift of the Nuggets playoff scheduling conflict

In the past twelve hours or so, Vince McMahon, the impressario of World Wresting Entertainment, has gotten more mainstream face time than he has in ages thanks to a scheduling conflict involving WWE's Monday Night Raw and a Denver Nuggets-Los Angeles Lakers playoff game, both of which are supposed to take place at the Pepsi Center on Monday, May 25. Of course, the guy's a hamhanded jackass, as is clear from the video above, in which he refers to a "World Wrestling Federation event" (our anonymous friends at Wikipedia note that the WWF to WWE name change officially took place in 2002) and once mispronounces Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke's name as "Kronski." But he's also savvy enough to recognize a publicity bonanza when one smacks him in the face, and no wonder: He's taken plenty of blows to the head over the years. So give McMahon his due. He deserves every bit of publicity this time around, not to mention the payoff Stan Kronski -- err, Kroenke -- will almost certainly offer to make up for bumping Raw to another night.

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