Yappers’ Delight: City Council Puts Pot to Voters

After a twisted two weeks, Denver’s City Council approved a ballot initiative to make pot the lowest law enforcement priority in the city. The citizen’s proposal, brought forward by Mason Tvert’s SAFER Denver campaign, stumped a few councilors, including Chris Nevitt, who defended the initiative’s message even as he derided it as a simple, symbolic effort. Council at first considered adopting a similar ordinance in order to have the courts strike it down. But this week, in true democratic fashion, city leaders opted to put the question to voters. Amid the brouhaha, four councilors and the Mayor admitted to — or didn’t deny — using pot in the past.

Though Denverites won’t decide on the SAFER Denver proposal until November, the peanut gallery on the Denver Post website went wild in recent weeks. Surprisingly, few people commented on the city leaders’ admissions (except to say ‘Ha, you can smoke pot and be successful’). Instead, the yappers focused on pot’s illegality. Here’s a sampling of comments:

“the law is the law. we are bound by it no matter how stupid some may feel that it is. so lets stop rewarding law breakers. thats whats truely sad. im sorry officer i was only going 5 over when i hit that 5 year old and killed him. whoops i was also high on marijuana and its only the first time i smoked it. the law is the law. I wish we would hold politicians and others in the public eye to higher standards.”

“While I applaud the efforts of those embroiled in the fight to legalize minor possession of marijuana, this effort seems for naught; yet another initiative that will have no real effect. The reality is that laws against marijuana use will never change until the collective mindset is changed. I myself am a very spartan marijuana user, preferring the old legal stand-by of booze. What amazes me about the American people is how they have been brainwashed into believing that marijuana is somehow more dangerous and/or destructive to society than booze. I have lost count of how many times a citizen has been arrested for driving while drunk, starting a fight while drunk, shooting someone while drunk or beating their spouse while drunk. Honestly--ask yourself-- how many times do you read about these things happening while someone is stoned? VERY FEW. And yet booze is 100% legal. It boggles the mind. Oh, and I don't know about you, but my "gateway drug" wasn't pot. It was ( like almost every person I know ) booze raided from my parents' liquor cabinet. It's time for this country to stop throwing away billions of dollars on an ineffectual war on pot and time for society to think for themselves and acknowledge that recreational pot use is actually safer than tossing back a few gin and tonics after work and then driving home.”

“Looks like the liberal, snorting, bong-hitting crowd is out in force this A.M. And I thought we would have to wait for the DNC to get here with Teddy, Al and Bill a year from now before this socialist, "brainwrecked" invasion arrives in order to inflict their liberal Moonbattery on Denver. I thought that you guys had better things to do, like saving drowing polar bears and spotted owls, converting corn into gasoline and measuring the size of glaciers. So now what? You won one with Gonzales but the SURGE is working. So what do you libs plan for America next? Pre-emtive surrender? I hear that Havana is nice this time of year and that there is a sale on one-way tickets.”

“i smoked pot in my youth, and i smoke pot in my middle age, and i will continue to smoke pot in my old age. best wishes.”

-- Naomi Zeveloff

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