Sorry -- Hillary's already spoken for at the DNC.

You could have been Hillary's DNC date

So you didn't get a ticket to Barack Obama's acceptance speech? You had one other chance to attend -- by connecting with Hillary Clinton, who was offering choice seats at the Invesco Field at Mile High spectacle and her own DNC address at the Pepsi Center on August 26. Unfortunately, though, that opportunity, which was part of her continuing effort to pay down her campaign debt, has now slipped by.

In a message sent to folks on her e-mail list on August 15, Clinton touted a contest to be her guest at the DNC -- as long as entrants had some nice coin, presumably. The competition's over now, but a link advises those who stopped by too late that they can "still help Hillary" by contributing.

Read her original letter below. -- Michael Roberts

Subject: I'll see you in Denver Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 14:37:54 +0000

I cannot wait for the lights to come up and the cameras to roll at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. When I join Democrats from across the country who are unified and ready to get to work to elect Barack Obama, I want you there.

I hope you will take this chance to come and cheer us on!

So many people have reached out to help us pay down our campaign debt, and I was just overwhelmed by the generous spirit of so many of you. I'm pleased to announce that Leslie of Tacoma, WA won our contest and will be joining me for dinner soon. But so many people participated that I knew I just had to give you another chance. So will you enter today for the chance to join me in Denver?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an event that will truly make history. I'll make sure you get great seats to see me speak on Tuesday night when I address the nation and see Senator Obama accept the nomination at Mile High Stadium on Thursday.

We're going to have an amazing convention and head into the fall campaign unified and ready to work. And if you contribute today to help us pay down our campaign debt, you might be the one to join me in Denver!

Join me in Denver. Contribute today:

If you're the lucky winner, we'll fly you to Denver, where you'll be my special guest at the convention. And I'll make sure that you and I have some time together to chat. You'll get to see me speak Tuesday night and see Senator Obama accept the nomination at Mile High Stadium on Thursday.

You know that we're still working hard to pay off all the small vendors we owe from our presidential campaign. And your help continues to make a huge difference.

So let's have some fun in Denver -- try your luck and contribute today. You might be the one joining me for the 2008 Democratic Convention!

Contribute today, and you might be my special guest for the convention:

Thank you again for your incredible support!



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