Your guide to recognizing terrorism: John Elway

Today, the hoi polloi of American law enforcement -- Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske and Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli -- will be in Denver to address the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference. As part of the festivities, Napolitano will join Colorado Governor Bill Ritter to introduce Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism, a timely video -- hello and goodbye, Najibbullah Zazi -- created in conjunction with the Center for Empowered Living and Learning (CELL) and narrated by two of the least likely terror experts imaginable: Channel 9's Kim Christiansen and one John Elway.

Of course, Elway knows all about throwing bombs -- but CELL is even better versed on the subject, having opened a terrorist museum just in time for last year's Democratic National Convention. Look below to check out photos of chilling displays, as well as more information about the video's unveiling. Go long.


OCTOBER 5, 2009 - Denver, CO, - Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. will tour the Center for Empowered Living and Learning's (The CELL) with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Monday before he unveils a video designed to teach viewers how to recognize the signs of terrorist activities.

The Colorado Governor's Office of Homeland Security, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, The Colorado Information Analysis Center, and The CELL have worked cooperatively with a $30,400 grant from the Department of Homeland Security to create "Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism" for Colorado law enforcement and the general public over the last four months.

The Governor will hold a press availability to discuss the video at 1:30 p.m. Monday immediately next door to the CELL at 1200 Acoma Street, Suite 101A (across from the Denver Art Museum) following his tour of The CELL's exhibit.

"Eight years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, it's important to remember the United States is not immune from the atrocities of international terror attacks. Even in Colorado, we need to be prepared to prevent and respond to these types of horrific events," said Gov. Bill Ritter. "Empowering the public with knowledge is a key component in creating prepared and vigilant communities across America. I encourage all Coloradans to see the video 'Recognizing 8 signs of terrorism' at the CELL because we all have the power to make a difference when we are prepared."

"Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism," narrated by John Elway and 9News anchor Kim Christiansen, is designed to educate viewers on suspicious activity associated with terrorism. The video also explains where they can report that activity to Colorado authorities.

The CELL produced this video with content provided by The Colorado Information Analysis Center, the local FBI, and The Governor's of Office of Homeland Security. The video will be available online at and following the event.

The CELL is. It is evolving into a regional and national center for domestic counter-terror prevention and preparedness training. The CELL has worked in conjunction with state and federal entities on programming series and emergency preparedness training including:

o Co-hosting with the Governor's office a commemoration event of 9/11 entitled Breaking the Chain of Global Terror, a discussion with Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani.

o Hosting an important inter-agency preparedness conference in preparation for the Democratic National Convention.

o Hosting seminars on public-private partnership for critical infrastructure protection with the Governor's office.

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