Zeds Dead, but the band's biggest fan, Asa Robinson, is a shmuck

Asa Robinson really really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to the Zeds Dead concert in Aspen last Tuesday, so badly, in fact, that police say he called in a bomb threat to the concert venue after he couldn't buy tickets to a sold-out show. The goal of the bomb threat, it appears, wasn't to exact retribution on Belly Up Aspen, however, or to make all of the people who did have tickets suffer -- as he did, according to the Aspen Times.

No, it seems Robinson was hoping to sneak into Belly Up after it was evacuated.

Didn't work. Police did evacuate the building, but they were able to trace the bomb threat back to Robinson, 29. So, apparently he called from his own phone. Which was brilliant. Even better, though, is that they caught him trying to sneak in. And then, because he hadn't already done enough, Robinson hit one of the cops in the head, according to reports.

Robinson, as you can imagine, was arrested and charged with assault on an officer, menacing, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and false reporting. An ex-con who was recently released from prison, according to the Aspen Times, he is being held without bail.

Meanwhile, we hear Zeds Dead totally killed it. You shoulda been there.

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