100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: Gold Miner's Breakfast at River and Woods

No. 51: Gold Miner's Breakfast at River and Woods
On an intricate brunch menu full of all sorts of breakfast delicacies, the basic eggs, bacon and toast are often overlooked. Don't let this happen if you're dining at that new Boulder hot spot, River and Woods. The Gold Miner's Breakfast is a hefty plate laden with the usual suspects — but they're unusually good.

To start with, chef and partner Daniel Asher doesn't use regular chicken eggs: He goes for duck eggs from Wisdom Farm, and scrambles them with fresh herbs. The result is a fresh-tasting, rich and filling protein perfect for eating alone or with any of the other items gracing the dish. Thick-cut Tender Belly bacon, for example, the smoke and melting fat reminding you what bacon can and should taste like. Asher has also nailed roasted potatoes, a satisfying starch that's creamy on the inside and wonderfully crispy and salty on the outside. Owner Josh Dinar says that the restaurant has experimented with many kinds of spuds, and on a recent visit we found they were using red potatoes from Albert Bartlett — a winning tater. Then there's grain-filled toast made from a Grateful Bread loaf; it's lovely on its own, even better with a side of local peach-jalapeno jam and marscapone. Swirl the two together on each slice, and then get ready to order another round of bread just so you can finish every last tidbit of the sweet, spicy and creamy concoction.

Pair your Gold Miner's Breakfast with a cup of strong Boulder Organic Coffee or the Macho Gazpacho, a version of the Bloody Mary that utilizes the restaurant's barbato tomato gazpacho. While the weather still holds, you should enjoy this feast at one of the rustic wooden tables outside, among the trees and in the fresh Boulder air — which, as it turns out, is as revitalizing an element of brunch as the breakfast itself.

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