25 Best Costumes of the Great American Beer Fest

The Great American Beer Festival is as astronomical in size as it is in character. Every year, the most eclectic group of beer lovers in the world go all out when they attend this fun and outrageous convention. And this past weekend the costumes, along with the entire 2015 event, were better than ever. View our slideshows from opening night, as well as Saturday night, for more pictures of the awesome gathering. 

But first, here are the 25 best costumes we spotted at GABF.
25. Thor of Beer
24. Toga Bros
23. Beer Scouts
22. Keg and Bottle 
21. Beer Box Shirt
20. Oh Captain, My Captain
19. Gandalf the Wizard, member of the last order of beer
18. Walt, Breaking Beer
17. Queen of the Hops
16. Pepperoni Pizza, American Psycho, Fresh Prince of Bel Air Onesies
15. The Girl in Beer Can Armor
14. The Beerish Monks
13. Cone Heads
12. Gentleman of Leisure
11. The Big Hat Mafia
10. Luau Gang
9. Party Animals
8. Save a Horse
7. Disco Chic
6. Lederhosen
5. Mr. Incredibly Drunk
4. Super Hippie Chicks
3. Angel of Beer
2. Mythical Drunk Creatures
1. The Guys Who Can't See Sh*t

View more photos in our slideshows from night one and night three of GABF. All photos taken by Westword's own Danielle Lirette. 

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