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4 Noses Brewing will open today in Broomfield

The family that sniffs together sticks together. That's the story behind the Bibliowiczes, a clan of New York beer lovers who will open 4 Noses Brewing in Broomfield today.

"We were out having a beer one day -- tasting and smelling -- and we all had our noses buried in our glasses," explains Tommy Bibliowicz, who fronts the operation for his parents, who still live in New York, and his brother, who live in California. "A family friend saw us and walked over and said, 'Look at those four noses go!' And the name stuck."

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A fifth nose was added in 2012 when Tommy married his girlfriend, Megan, whom he'd met when they were both students at the University of Denver. The two will run 4 Noses, which is located at 8855 West 116th Circle, just off Wadsworth Parkway.

The family first looked at downtown Denver and Boulder, but eventually decided on Broomfield because of its relative lack of other beer-makers.

"Every time we found a possible place, there were two other breweries within a four-block radius, and we wanted to stand out a little bit," Bibliowicz says. "Broomfield struck us as a city that we could be a part of and not get overshadowed by other breweries."

4 Noses, which has a relatively large twenty-barrel brewhouse along with a two-barrel pilot system, will open with at least five beers on tap. They include a stronger-than-average blonde ale, an IPA, a double IPA and two imperial stouts, one with vanilla and coffee beans. 4 Noses will add more beers as the month progresses. Bibliowicz and another brewer came up with the recipes and will do most of the brewing.

A former fraud investigator, Bibliowicz attended the master brewers program at the University of California, Davis. But his brewing education began while he was in college when his dad got a homebrewing system and two started learning together.

"We were bitten by a passion and we fell in love with every aspect of it," he says, adding that he was able to sell his family on the idea of going pro.

The large taproom can fit 75 to 100 people, and 4 Noses will add a patio in June that can seat about sixty people. The family plans to distribute its beers on draft to local bars and restaurants. Eventually, they will start a barrel-aged program as well.

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