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7-Eleven's Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich is actually tasty

There is no haute cuisine at 7-Eleven. Unless, of course, you count hard-boiled eggs swimming in misty liquid packs, gigantic "beef" and bean burritos, and those somewhat unethical "nachos," for which you take the chips out of the plastic tray, fill the tray with free chili sauce, then try to get it past the clerk. So hearing that 7-Eleven had a new Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich, I headed to the closest store out of sheer curiosity, figuring the worst that could happen was I'd take a couple bites of a bad sandwich, then leave with my favorite Eleventy-meal: a big-ass burrito (which really does look the same going in as coming out -- woefully quick timing on that, BTW), garlic bread-flavored potato chips and a blue cherry Gatorade. See also: Del Taco, the friend-zone Mexican fast-food restaurant
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Jenn Wohletz
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