8 Rivers owners to open gourmet pot shop

Wanda James and Scott Durrah, the husband-and-wife couple behind 8 Rivers, the modern Caribbean restaurant at 1550 Blake Street, are all about pot and pans.

They opened a dispensary, Apothecary of Colorado, at 1730 Blake, last month. They hosted the first in a series of Creative Cooking with Cannabis classes at 8 Rivers two weeks ago, which pot critic William Breathes wrote about here. And next week, they'll open the city's first gourmet medical-marijuana shop at their dispensary.

"AOC is now partnered with a hospice organization and working with HIV/AIDS organizations," says exec chef Durrah. "Because we cannot serve just candy to many of our very ill patients, we wanted to create the most complete, whole foods MMJ Gourmet Shoppe that Colorado has seen."

The shop within the dispensary will feature everything from breads to salad dressing to drinks, all created by local chefs, all prepared in commercial kitchens. "I personally sample everything that is for sale in our shop and I have met with the chefs involved," says Durrah. "Together, we are going to change the edible industry from simple, pot-laced brownies to gourmet delights for patients who need real nutrition and medicine."

Among those involved: Jamie Gulick, sous at 8 Rivers; Lauren Gennett of Mad Batter Baking Company; Rachel Wolpo of Baked at Mile High; and cooks at 420 Highway, Glacier Ice Cream and The Hemp Center.

AOC will open the Gourmet Shoppe at 4 p.pm. on Wednesday, February 3. The next cannabis cooking class will be February 21. For more informaton, call 303-296-5566.

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