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A beef with Denver Ted's

I was too hungry to take a picture.
Denver Ted’s

1308 Pearl Street


Regular cheesesteak: steak, American cheese, onions, bread $6 for a nine-inch sandwich

It’s not fair to expound on the merits of a sandwich I've eaten after letting myself become so ravenously hungry that I can barely see. Cardboard smeared with Elmer’s Glue would taste amazing in such a situation.

But if the sandwich still doesn’t taste that good? That probably means it just wasn’t. And I’m sorry to say that while the Philly cheesesteak I had from Denver Ted’s filled my stomach, it didn’t fill my heart.

And I had such high hopes for Denver Ted’s, since I have friends who love it and since it's such a hole-in-the-wall place rather than a chain. To keep things simple, I ordered a regular cheesesteak with onions and American cheese. In retrospect, I wish I had ordered Cheez Whiz (“Don’t fear the Whiz!”), which is a cool quirk at Denver Ted’s, because the cheese was the best part of the sandwich. As for the rest: the steak was a little chewy and the bread had a stale taste. The onions were fine.

Still, I have to recommend that everyone in Denver eat a Philly cheesesteak this week in order to help the Tampa Bay Rays symbolically eat the Philadelphia Phillies for lunch during the World Series, which starts tonight. – Jonathan Shikes

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