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Adding Hemp to Your Thanksgiving Feast Is Easier Than You Think

Hemp can be the star of your next cookout or holiday feast, and it doesn't need to be that hard.
Hemp can be the star of your next cookout or holiday feast, and it doesn't need to be that hard. Jacqueline Collins

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional Thanksgiving — eating leftovers the week after is a holiday by itself — but some people like to put their own spin on the feast.

I've had friends who serve mac and cheese, tamales or dumplings as their Thanksgiving side dishes, all of which are more than welcome in ma' belly anytime. But in 2018, we can take that a step further, incorporating hemp and CBD into drinks, side dishes, the main course and dessert.

"I like to keep hemp at home, and it's in my daily smoothies, at the very least. I also use it in my oatmeal and other things. It has a really nutty sort of flavor, so it's very easy to add in lots of foods," says vegan chef Sonja Miller. "It's also easy to cook with; I use the same sort of herbs and seasoning in dishes that I would traditionally make when I cook with hemp."

Hemp seeds and hemp milk are available at traditional grocery stores, Miller says, while health-food markets and high-end groceries like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's typically carry an array of hemp-based meat substitutes and even CBD-infused drinks.

Miller, founder of Denver personal chef service Fresh Perspective, served up a plant-based feast for dozens of hungry hemp lovers at last week's Vegan Hempsgiving banquet — but you don't need to go meatless to hemp it up on Thanksgiving. If you want to infuse your next holiday meal with hemp, here are some tips from Miller, based on her recent Hempsgiving dinner:
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