A Garden of Eatin': Gemelli's

Summertime, and the living is breezy. Denver diners and drinkers are obsessed with patios -- and restaurateurs are obsessed with giving them what they want. Whether it's just a couple of chairs stuck out on the sidewalk or acres of elaborate decks, almost every joint in town has an outdoor option. So through the summer, we'll be sharing some of our favorites.

Sometimes a good review is no bonus. Jason Sheehan loved Gemelli's when he reviewed it last month -- loved the intent, loved the atmosphere, loved the food, was even somewhat fond of the lackluster service. Alas, judging from readers' comments, the service has become even more lacking of late.

And yet, there's one part of Gemelli's that will always live up to our expectations: the patio. This former home in north Denver is surrounded by absolutely lovely gardens, and sitting outside here for an hour is as good as a day-long getaway. And spending an entire evening smelling the roses? That could be the best vacation you see all summer. You won't care how long you have to wait for your food if you're waiting for it in this splendid setting, a veritable Garden of Eatin'.

Gemelli's Italian Restaurant 4363 Tennyson Street 720-855-9800

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