Peach Street bourbon's secret ingredient is Olathe sweet corn.

A peach of a bourbon, made in Colorado

Peach Street Distillers, a company based in Palisade, has just released the first bourbon -- legal, that is -- ever made in Colorado.

Peach Street already makes Goat Vodka and Jackelope Gin, and its Peach Street Distillers’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey had been aging in oak barrels for two years, waiting for the right time to be bottled and sold.

Which was last Friday. “I’ve been dropping by every week for what seems like an eternity, but they say the finest things are worth waiting for,” said Grand Junction resident Josh Williams, who got one of the 200 bottles available.

Each 750 ml. bottle is hand-numbered by Davy Lindig, head distiller, and proofed at 46 percent alcohol by volume, or 92 proof, according to Lindig's specifications. Although most bourbons are made in Kentucky, the only real requirement is that it be made from at least 51 percent corn (Peach Street uses Olathe sweet corn), aged for not less than two years in American oak barrels, and not supplemented in any way during bottling.

Peach Street Distillers was founded in November 2005 by three childhood friends from Durango. The company's Goat Vodka and Jackelope Gin are available in stores in Colorado, Oregon, California and Kansas; all Peach Street products are available in the Tasting Room at the distillery at 144 South Kluge, Palisade. For more information, go to www.peachstreetdistillers.com.

But first, raise a glass to Colorado's first bourbon. Legal, that is. -- Patricia Calhoun

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.