Second Helpings

Korean Classics: A Second Helping of Food & Drink, March 20-24

This week we explored the city's Korean restaurants, uncovering a new favorite, Shin Myung Gwan, in an old location (the former Sae Jong Kwan). From there we rounded up a list of the ten best Korean restaurants in metro Denver, the bulk of those in Aurora.

Perhaps Bravo's Top Chef will send its contestants to a few Korean eateries when filming for season fifteen begins in Colorado later this spring. That probably won't happen, since Colorado isn't known for its Korean cuisine; we'd be happy if a few of the challenges involve Pueblo green chiles or a few farm-to-table experts in town. If the show wants to win us over for good, they can bring in Wednesday's Pie pastry chef Joy Williams so she can show the cheftestants how to make her wonderfully weird cheddar cheese ice cream.

And now that we have a firm date, April 11, for the reopening of the Cherry Cricket, Top Chef's producers would be remiss if they didn't stop in for a few Cricket burgers while in town — just for their own enjoyment, if not for the show itself.

In other news:

Bubu Republic Plaza, 303 16th Street
Infinite Monkey Theorem (inside the Stanley Marketplace), 2501 Dallas Street
Otra Vez, 610 16th Street
Shin Myung Gwan, 2680 South Havana Street

Ras Kassa's (moved from Boulder), 802 South Public Road, Lafayette


*Or earlier, and not listed in a previous Second Helping.

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