La Chupaflor was located next door to Palenque and shared a patio.EXPAND
La Chupaflor was located next door to Palenque and shared a patio.
Mark Antonation

Adelitas Owner Closes Mexican Ice Cream Shop La Chupaflor

Restaurateur Brian Rossi had a pretty good hold on the corner of South Broadway and Louisiana Avenue, with his flagship Mexican restaurant, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina, opening in 2013, and Palenque Mezcaleria and La Chupaflor following in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But La Chupaflor, which specialized in Michoacán-style ice cream, is now dark at 11 East Louisiana Avenue.

The ice cream shop's Facebook page shared the news yesterday evening:

We are sad to share that effective immediately, we are permanently closed. Thank you for the love and support you've shown.

Chupaflor is Spanish for "hummingbird," and La Chupaflor was decorated with exterior murals of desert scenes and emerald-hued birds. Inside, customers could enjoy ice cream in tropical fruit and other Latin American flavors such as dulce de leche, avocado, cajeta and chicha morada, as well as ice cream tacos and other frozen desserts.

While Chupaflor is now closed, Rossi recently expanded into Littleton with a second Adelitas, at 2609 West Main Street.

"Ice cream was a fun and creative business, and it was something that takes a lot of time to do right,"  Rossi explains. "With the new Adelitas Littleton location opening, it was time we didn’t have."

The owner says he's grateful to the Platt Park neighborhood for supporting La Chupaflor and adds that he's planning something new for the space. "We have decided to go a different route and change the concept to something we know a little more about," he notes. "We will be bringing a new bar concept that we feel will not only complement Adelitas and Palenque, but will also be something the Platt Park neighborhood will enjoy."

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