Anecdote will soon open on Bannock Street in the Golden Triangle.EXPAND
Anecdote will soon open on Bannock Street in the Golden Triangle.
Emily Han-Young Hurd

Pastry Chef to Open Anecdote Bakery and Cafe in Former Rooster & Moon Space

Rooster & Moon closed at 955 Bannock Street last September, leaving one less option for coffeehouse dwellers in the Golden Triangle. A glimmer of caffeinated hope arose in January, when Eighth Day Coffeehouse announced its intention to sign a lease, but the deal never happened. But now coffee lovers — and those who crave fresh-baked pastries — have something new to look forward to; Anecdote, a bakery, cafe, bar and art space will soon open.

Pastry chef Emily Han-Young Hurd recently signed a lease and hung a banner in the window announcing the imminent arrival of Anecdote; she says lining up permits and contractors to renovate the cafe will take another month or two. She moved to Denver two years ago from Vermont, where she was the managing pastry chef at a culinary retreat called the Essex Resort & Spa. The chef specializes in decorative cakes and pastries for special occasions, so that will be a part of the program once Anecdote opens. "I'm definitely going to run the cafe from the perspective of a pastry chef," she notes.

That will include sweet and savory pastries and other baked goods to go along with Novo coffee. In the evening, beer and wine will be served, and special events will keep guests entertained.

One of pastry chef Emily Han-Young Hurd's sweet creations.
One of pastry chef Emily Han-Young Hurd's sweet creations.
Emily Han-Young Hurd

Han-Young Hurd is more than a pastry chef; she's also a freelance artist who works in silkscreening, sewing and painting. "The cafe is my way of figuring out how to bring all of my interests together," she explains. So part of Anecdote will be dedicated to gallery space for local artists, and events will include various arts classes.

Han-Young Hurd chose the Golden Triangle in part because of its reputation as a center for Denver's arts community. She believes in building community and sees Anecdote as a center for creative activity. "I'm a very DIY kind of person," she says, "and I like to bring other creative people together. You get so much out of being around other people, whether just being around them or participating in the community."

As a pastry chef, Han-Young Hurd says she has to be a morning person (though that sometimes means pushing through the night and into the morning), so Anecdote will be open early, with hours from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day but Tuesday, with Tuesdays available for private events by appointment.

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