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Announcement: We have a winner of our Central Bistro and Bar brunch contest

Last Sunday, Lance Barto and his kitchen crew rolled out Central Bistro and Bar's first brunch menu, and earlier this week, we posted a contest, giving one Cafe Society reader, along with three guests of their choice, the chance to check it out for free this Sunday (morning libations and a copy of the New York Times, included!).

In order to win, you had to guess how many eggs were cracked during Central's brunch service on Sunday. And we have a champion.

Congrats to Jewels33, who guessed 227 cracked eggs, just three eggs away from the actual number, which was 230. The winner, as we noted in our contest post, needed to come as close to the correct number of eggs as possible without going over.

But as it turns out, we're also giving away brunch for two at Central to one more Cafe Society reader, who's an optimist -- that being the one person whose guess was the most excessive, an obvious egg lover who, for some crazy reason, believed that in a span of just a few hours, 2,400 eggs broke yoke.


Justinnet, you're that optimist, and you, too, get brunch at Central for you and a guest this Sunday.

We'll e-mail you both with directions as to how to claim your prizes.

Thanks for playing!

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