So Your Pets Love Cat Wine? They'll Go Nuts Over Fur Loco

Your cat is a playah.
Your cat is a playah. Still from Cat Wine video
Apollo Peak, the Denver-based maker of Cat Wine and its aptly named canine counterpart, Dog Wine, has a new product that will hit pet-store shelves this week. It's called Fur Loco, and it's kind of like an energy drink for your four-legged friends who have already graduated to the hard stuff. In fact, Cat and Dog wine are merely gateways to Fur Loco.

Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala, who recently appeared on an episode of ABC's Shark Tank, has come up with four Fur Loco flavors: one intended for cats, two for dogs, one for both — though they can be switched around. One might give your pet a catnip-like high, while another could offer a calming effect — and there's one designed to cure bad breath.

Fur Loco Purple, which is intended mostly for dogs, is made with peppermint extract for fresh breath, but the peppermint can also aid with digestion. Fur Loco Pink, for your Tabby or Siamese, contains catnip and valerian, which Zavala says "provides excitement followed by a high-like relaxation in cats," while offering a mellow mood for dogs. Fur Loco Green, with lemongrass and hemp oil, is designed to relax your pooch, so it might be good for long car trips or pets who experience anxiety during thunderstorms. And Fur Loco Blue is made with chamomile and valerian, which makes cats excited while keeping dogs calm. Apollo Peak uses natural ingredients like beet juice, plant extracts and salmon oil for color and flavor.

Bottles of all four Fur Loco flavors are now available on the Apollo Peak website; they sell for $8.95 for slightly more than four ounces. Cat Wine and Dog Wine — in flavors like Pinot Meow, Meowmosa and Chardognay — are currently available at pet stores in metro Denver, so Fur Loco shouldn't be far behind.

If Kitty's jonesing for a hit, this is the purr-fect way to help your pet take a little trip...or just take the edge off.

And in case you missed the Cat Wine music video featuring Denver rapper MSHO, here it is. You're welcome.

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