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Arc holds it tenth annual Feed Colorado food drive

Now through April 30, Arc thrift stores will be collecting non-perishable foods for their tenth annual Feed Colorado food drive. Arc, in partnership with Volunteers of America, distributed 112 tons of non-perishable food to local food banks last year, and this year they are hoping to get even more. "We have a goal of 120 tons of food," says Arc spokeswoman Lori Sutorius-Jones.

They have good reason to expect they'll hit their goal: This is the first year they've had other businesses in the area, like Papa John's, Big O Tires and Fox, helping out as drop-off points and giving additional discounts to customers for food donations. "We are really grateful to have Big O and Papa John's as partners," says Sutorius-Jones. "It added 97 additional drop-off points, so you have added convenience, with being able to drop off when you get a pizza or get your oil changed."

In addition to its work with developmentally disabled adults, Arc wanted to do more for the community, Sutorius-Jones says, and the food drive seemed a perfect fit. "Arc is non-profit, and we have such a great infrastructure in place for people who are wanting to donate," she notes. "It has grown experientially over ten years, and we are hoping to continue that."

The best donations? Proteins, fruits and vegetables are the most needed items. "Peanut butter, jelly, pasta, canned fruits, anything, really, that is non-perishable," she adds.

To find the nearest drop-off location, visit www.arcfeedcolorado.com or call 303-238-5263 for a free pick up.

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Shela Burgess
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