Argyll extends Denver Restaurant Week by two days

Denver Restaurant Week is already two weeks long this year -- but fourteen days aren't enough for some restaurateurs. Reports of places extending their $52.80 (for two) deals are beginning to trickle in. First up? Argyll Gastropub, at 2700 East Third Avenue, which will offer it through Sunday, March 7.

"It's been wildly successful for us and it just doesn't make sense for us to do one weekend night and not the other," says owner Robert Thompson, whose place got a rave from Jason Sheehan this fall despite the "gastropub" in Argyll's name. "Anybody else doing the same, to your knowledge?"

We'll let you know as the news comes in. Right now, we hear that Solera, 5410 East Colfax Avenue, is thinking about extending, too. To get a taste of that place, read chef/owner Goose Sorensen's great Chef and Tell interview here.

Sergio Romero, Argyll's chef, was the subject of another recent Chef and Tell.

Here's one diner's review of Romero's $52.80 deal from among the eighty comments on our Denver Restaurant Week post: "The value was definitely there and the food was amazing; some of the best I've had in the past year. They had a tabasco braised short rib with a mushroom risotto that I hope stays on their regular menu after restaurant week. This was a great start for the week for us. Now that we've tried one of the great new restaurants in town, we're thinking one of the steakhouses next...."

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