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Ask the Critic: Where's the town's best Continental breakfast?

The last couple of weeks, our regular Ask the Critic time-waster has been concerned with moms and dads and holidays and other assorted domestic questions.  This week, we're getting back to the core mission of our Monday-morning discussion with an actual question by a reader. Jim writes: I spent 9 years in Europe and really enjoyed the breakfast there: soft boiled eggs, lunch meats, cheeses, bread, etc. Other than doing it myself (I'm kinda lazy), is there anywhere in the Denver area that serves this type of breakfast?

Oddly enough, I was out with my wife last night and she was talking about this exact same thing- -- essentially telling me that I ought to move to Europe because I would be so much happier there than I am here, sitting around all day eating cured meats and stinky cheeses, staying up too late smoking cigarettes and arguing about Proust, then waking late for a nice breakfast of croissant, French Trou de Cru and Serrano ham. Mind you, I don't think she was planning on coming with me; she was simply using the promise of charcuterie and cigarettes to bait a trap that would see me safely overseas and out of her hair for a few years before I could find my way home, but I digress...

Finding a place in Denver that does a European-style breakfast spread isn't easy. I mean, there's the brunch at Brasserie Felix, but that has no specific charcuterie plate. Ditto Bistro Vendome. Which is why I decided to turn this question over to the readers.

Can any of you help Jim out? I know we have several tres Euro crepe joints in town right now, and plenty of places that do charcuterie spreads for lunch and dinner. But a Continental breakfast that is actually Continental? That's a bit trickier...

As always, comments go below. I'm sure that Jim will be very appreciative to anyone who can point him in the right direction.

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