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Aurora's Josh Bayne Forages for Food on Fat Guys in the Woods

The Weather Channel, like cable companions TLC (which apparently was once focused on learning), the History Channel and NatGeo (because National Geographic didn't sound cool enough for the kids), has evolved from strictly education and information to entertainment. The Weather Channel's fall schedule includes a "survival" show called Fat Guys in the Woods -- and Sunday's episode will feature Aurora resident Josh Bayne. See also: Acorn and Oak at Fourteenth chef Steve Redzikowski: "Food TV Is the Biggest Downfall of Our Industry

Fat guys Bayne, Dane Bryson and a big fellow simply referred to as, well, Big Fella, thrash their way through the woods in order to spear catfish, start a fire with a battery and a gum wrapper, and pit-roast their catch while uttering pithy lines like, "It's solidarity out here in the woods wit' your homies, ya know?"

Hosted by survivalist Creek Stewart, who became an Eagle Scout at fourteen and has been teaching survival skills since he was 21 (all while maintaining a gorgeous head of golden locks), Fat Guys in the Woods deposits its "survival heroes" far from couches and vending machines, telling them "you can't eat what you can't kill." Previous episodes have featured the reluctant outdoorsmen dining on beetle grubs, reindeer moss and acorn gruel, as well as more delectable game and foraged fare ranging from possum and duck to wild grapes and cattails.

Catch this week's episode at 9 p.m. on September 14 -- if you haven't taken offense at the Weather Channel making fun of its own viewers in the promo material for the show:

It's a Saturday afternoon and as your bowl of potato chips balances delicately on what can only be referred to as 'a little extra to love,' you think to yourself: if it came down to it, would I be able to survive in an extreme situation? As you wipe the last of the potato chip grease onto your sweatpants, the answer is inevitably yes.

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