Aviano Coffee moves again, to another spot in Cherry Creek

Back in 2006, Doug Naiman's Aviano Coffee was one of the first tenants in the Beauvallon, the beleaguered behemoth in the 900 block of Lincoln Street, and it was one of the last ones out, finally forced to leave by the construction curtains that swathed the building in 2009.

From there Aviano went to 3031 East Second Avenue in Cherry Creek, where it had a good run -- and picked up a Best of Denver award along the way. But now Aviano has had to move again. See also: - Best Coffeehouse for Coffee 2011: Aviano - Aviano Coffee Cherry Creek's grand opening -The Beauvallon is bitter grounds for Aviano Coffee

Aviano is now located at 244 Detroit Street. But it's not quite all there -- yet. According to a post on Aviano's Facebook page:

Attention loyal customers & friends: The Adolph Coors Foundation has determined construction on its new site cannot proceed according to schedule if we stay past January 13. Although we know this will certainly inconvenience our loyal customers, we believe our new store will be far better and gives us the ability to provide the same quality coffee in a better space.

We are working with our architects and the city to set up a small, temporary bar at our new location. The idea is to avoid any disruption in our ability to provide you with whole beans and drinks while continuing with the build-out of our new shop. If you have any questions regarding this move, please feel free to call us at 303-399-8347. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Call that number, though, and you learn that Aviano is "temporarily closed" while it attempts to turn that temporary bar into a more permanent fixture.

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