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Baby Michelin on a roll in China

What do you get when you cross a baby, a tire and a locust's ravenous appetite? A munchkin who'd make baby Godzilla blush with envy.

Lei Lei carries forty pounds on his ten-month-old frame, and weighs what a healthy six-year-old might weigh. His girth has earned him a nickname, "the Michelin baby," according this report.

The big baby's mom, Cheng Qingyu, says that he had a normal birth weight, but thanks to the kid's never-ending appetite, he's ballooned to the point that he almost has his own gravitational field.

The baby's favorite pastime is eating, his mother says; he puts everything he can get his meat paws on into his mouth. (Might be time to throw some leafy green vegetables in front of him.)

The mighty mite is now in a hospital in southern China to determine whether there's a medical reason for his weight.

I hope they don't study him too closely. The way things are going, in 22 years the Broncos can draft him for the offensive line.

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