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Ben Davison of Bistro Vendome: "I don't want snot in my tea"

Ben Davison Bistro Vendôme 1420 Larimer Street 303-825-3232

This is part one of my interview with Ben Davison, chef de cuisine at Bistro Vendôme; part two of our chat will run tomorrow.

It's good -- really good -- to be back home again," says Ben Davison, pausing after a long sip of coffee. "I was in Cleveland -- Cleveland's not a great restaurant town -- for quite a few years, and I can't even tell you how much I've missed Denver, how much it's changed in the time I was gone, how exciting it is to be a part of such a growing restaurant scene. It just feels good." So does his position as chef de cuisine at Bistro Vendôme, a job he landed in March after Dana Rodriguez, Bistro's former chef, departed to lead the line at Work & Class, a restaurant on Upper Larimer that's slated to open later this year.

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