Big oops, my bad: Teleras Deli Mexicana isn't closed after all

I'm geographically challenged. How else to explain that I was on Federal Boulevard and 72nd Avenue yesterday, when I spotted what I (wrongly) believed was the shuttered address of Teleras Deli Mexicana, a tortas joint that I've eaten at several times and written about more than once -- a joint that we gave a major

shout-out to in this year's Best of Denver issue
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Teleras is, in fact, located at 810 East 88th Avenue, which isn't even within jogging distance of 72nd and Federal. And as owner and chef JuanCarlos Wong II pointed out in a strongly worded e-mail, Teleras is very much open -- and doing a bang-up business, in part, he says, because of the Best of Denver award. I love the place, and while I'm embarrassed that I reported it had closed, in this case, I'm happy I was wrong.

Still, mea maxima culpa.

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