Boobs and Beers at the Tilted Kilt

We've already posted the news about the ESPN Zone at 1187 16th Street going dark, but within moments of that announcement, something else popped up.  Namely, that a nice big chunk of that space has already been snapped up and will shortly be turned into another outlet of an Arizona-based national chain, the Tilted Kilt.

So what, pray tell, is the Tilted Kilt?  It's an Irish Hooters, a Celtic pub-themed sports bar done in the style of a bad Britney Spears video, with young ladies belted up in schoolgirl kilts, knee socks and Hit Me Baby One More Time-style white button-down shirts tied off at the boob, carrying around trays of Irish car bombs, sliders and "Braveheart's" chopped salads.

Yeah, I know.  But what are you gonna do, right?  Platters of chicken wings, Irish nachos, cheap beer, sports on the telly and half-naked girls walking the floor?  The place is gonna be huge.  What's more, the place is gonna be huge -- with a lease on the books right now for 8,300 of ESPN Zone's original 23,000 square feet.

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