Boulder's Jimmy & Drew's 28th Street Deli on the Food Network

Ask a Jew about his or her main dream in life. Some look for spiritual enlightenment, others just crave happiness. Most mothers want their children to finish their law or doctoral degrees.

But a few of us Chosen have set our sights on the Jimmy's Favorite sandwich at Jimmy & Drew's 28th Street Deli. Imagine a fantastic Reuben: melted Swiss, mouthfuls of sauerkraut, the tang of Thousand Island dressing, piles of warm pastrami -- and then get rid of the bread and throw the whole thing on a few fresh-griddled potato latkes. Oy vey.

That very sandwich was featured last night on the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate -- which I learned only hours before the show aired, when I was diving in at the deli yesterday. The sandwich was chosen by Claire Robinson, who's got a show on the network.

The episode wasn't new, but it was great to see Jimmy and Drew's getting some attention, which they definitely deserve in Boulder -- not a place known for sloppy, heavy sandwiches of genuine deliciousness.

I know that no one reading this just finished eating a Jimmy's Favorite, because anyone who did is napping...and probably having some interesting sex dreams. In my book, that's the definition of a good sandwich.

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