Breakfast burritos from Santiago's: One of the things I'm gonna miss...

I'm going to miss breakfast burritos. I'm going to miss all breakfast burritos -- the good ones, the bad ones, the great ones and every one in between. But most of all, I'm going to miss the breakfast burritos from the Santiago's location on Leetsdale Avenue, which I consider to be my home location even though it's nowhere near my home at all.

Because I'm not terribly bright, I always forget which style of burrito is being offered on which day -- whether it's bacon day or chorizo day or ham day or whatever -- and so my breakfast visits are always a surprise. A pleasant surprise.

I'm going to miss the feel of one of Santiago's burritos in my hand -- foil-wrapped and still hot, heavier than it looks like it should be, a perfect breakfast that can be held in one hand and eaten while driving. I'm going to miss the sure knowledge that, no matter what weirdness might befall me during the day or on through the night, there will always be a Santiago's breakfast burrito waiting for me if I need one. They have been that rare point of constancy in my rather less-than-consistent life.

Now, I know that Seattle will likely have a few places that offer breakfast burritos. But I hold out very little hope that they will be anything like the ones I have lived on for the decade I have spent living in and around the Southwest. I have very little hope that anything in Seattle will be quite like I expect it to be, but have been told (read: warned) by many people who ought to know that the Mexican food in particular will be a difficult thing to come to terms with. And I can live with that. I can live without tacos (I think). I can survive without posole (because I've been doing it, more or less, ever since leaving Albuquerque). A life without green chile? That's going to be rough. But I honestly can not envision how I will simply continue breathing and working and walking around in a place without breakfast burritos.

Which leads me to wonder whether or not Santiago's will send me burritos by FedEx if I ask really nice...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.