Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...if it's pho

The fact that Pho Lee, subject of this week's review, serves up such terrific pho (not to mention Vietnamese egg rolls, grilled meats and boba smoothies) isn't such a surprise, given that the owner, Dung Anh Le, worked at Pho 95, his brother's pho shop, for years. What might catch you off guard is that this noodle dish is commonly eaten in Vietnam as street food -- for breakfast. See also: - Pho Lee: So pho, so good for this Greenwood Village restaurant - Photos: A closer look at Pho Lee - Denver's ten best spots for pho

Morning soup might seem strange to us, given that we're living in a town where egg-stuffed burritos, pancakes and plain old coffee and cereal start the morning off right. But in Egypt, fava beans mixed with olive oil, parsley and lemon juice are the norm. In Malaysia, folks wake up to the grilled flatbread known as roti canai. And in the Netherlands, lucky kids load up their buttered bread with hagelslag, or sprinkles.

All this got us thinking: what's your guilty pleasure for breakfast? Cold pizza? Mushroom soup? Perhaps a bowl of pho won't seem so unusual, once we compile our own list. And if your favorite is pho, where can you get it for breakfast?

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