Bye-bye, pie: Last Marie Callender's in Colorado closes its doors

While a few new restaurants and bars are still scrambling to open before 2012 -- and get some business on New Year's Eve -- other longtimers are calling it a night. The last Marie Callender's restaurant in Colorado closed its doors last weekend, after 21 years at 51 West Dry Creek Road in Littleton.

That means if you want a Marie Callender's pie, your best bet is the frozen foods section at your local supermarket.

That spot was owned and operated by franchise-holder Rob Grisham. This summer, when Perkins & Marie Callender's Inc.filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, the company announced that it would be closing 27 Perkins restaurants -- four of them in Colorado -- and 31 Marie Callender's locations.

Grisham's spot was not included in that tally.

And speaking of tallies, we're in the process of compiling our Restaurant Roll Call for 2011 -- listing all the openings and closings over the past year. It will be posted January 2; in the meantime, you can read the Restaurant Roll Call for 2010 here. And if you know of a restaurant that recently opened or closed, post the info in the comments below.

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