Cafe 180 opening pushed back

The opening of one of Denver's new pay-what-you-can restaurants has been pushed back while its owner gets the space in fighting shape. Cafe 180, slated to open at 3315 South Broadway in Englewood, was aiming for a mid-June debut.

"[W]e've been working on the installation of the kitchen and we have an artist painting the walls. It's slowly coming together," explains owner Cathy Matthews, who's shooting for a soft opening at the end of June or in early July.

As we recently reported in Cafe Society, Denver is witnessing the growth of a mini-crop of pay-what-you-can restaurants inspired, at least in part, by the success of Brad and Libby Birky's SAME Cafe.

In addition to Cafe 180, Namaste Hospice CEO Jan Bezuidenhout plans to open Comfort Cafe sometime this month at 3945 Tennyson Street. Community Cafe, another pay-what-you-can restaurant will soon open its doors in Boulder.

Like SAME Cafe, Cafe 180 will feature healthy, wholesome options, emphasizing simple fare like soup, salad and pizza, the latter of which is Matthews' specialty.

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