Call for the dead: Boulder loses Spud Brothers, Sunflower

We've got two closures to report in Boulder, both of them somewhat surprising.

First to go down? Spud Brothers at 2010 10th Street, which closed the doors on August 28, much to the disappointment of Micks and stoners city-wide. According to the official report from Spud Brothers management, the big problem was that the city of Boulder wouldn't allow them to stay open past 11 p.m., and that they were turning people away every night. And while, yes, I can see that this would be frustrating, I just can't imagine how an all french fry restaurant couldn't find a way to make it in a city like Boulder.

In any event, Spud made it just over a year before giving up the ghost. The space is still open and wanting for a new operator. Perhaps some sort of all potato chip and hash brown restaurant?

Also done in? Sunflower restaurant at 1701 Pearl Street. According to my Boulder area spies, this one may not be down for the count. There is apparently some hope that the vegetarian friendly (and occasionally very good) restaurant is only temporarily closed for repairs or some sort of remodel. But then again, as anyone who has read this blog for a while will know, "Closed for Remodel" is, nine times out of ten, just restaurant-world code for "Sold the booze, emptied the register and fucked off for Aruba." It rarely ever means anything good.

Still, I'm holding out hope. I liked Sunflower a lot in its original incarnation and would hate to see the area lose one of the few restaurants that managed to serve both vegetarians and carnivores side-by-side with no violence or loss of quality.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.