Can siblings work together? At Beast + Bottle, it's all relative

What is it about kids that makes them want to take each other's toys, invade each other's space, and tattle on each other? Apparently not all siblings are like that, though, because Paul and Aileen Reilly, the brother-sister duo behind Beast + Bottle, not only got along as kids, they still like each other enough to spend most of their waking hours together.

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They first put themselves to the test at Encore, the now-defunct restaurant they opened in the Lowenstein (that space is now home to an Udi's, another family enterprise).

And in March, they opened Beast + Bottle in the former home of Olivea, creating a restaurant they "conjured in our heads since we were kids," Paul explains.

But that's not the only secret to their success. "I fought with our middle sister more," laughs Paul. "Aileen was the one who would cover for me when I had friends over and my parents weren't home."

Find out what happens when siblings cooperate -- imagine that! --- when my review of Beast + Bottle is posted here tomorrow.

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