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Candy Girls: Brach's Milkmaid Caramel Apple Candy Corn

We know there are candy corn detractors out there, but the Candy Girls can't help loving the seasonal treats that appear as fall rolls around. While we would normally wait until next month to start in on candies that might otherwise appear in the Halloween category, it's been so positively autumnal since Labor Day that we couldn't help but fall under the spell of these beauties. In addition to our love of all things candy corn, we're also big caramel apple fans. Would this be a match made in heaven or a case of too much of a good thing?

First Reactions: The candy corn still look like candy corn, but with the bright orange color replaced by a candy apple red and a caramelly brown standing in for the yellow base.

Aubrey: Wow, they have an intense smell. Very apple-y. Liz: Yeah, almost like alcohol. Like apple schnapps or something.

Taste: Unlike your standard issue candy corn, the separate colors here do represent different flavors: predictably, red is apple, brown is caramel. White is…uh…white.

Aubrey: I like these. There really is a caramel apple flavor going on. Liz: When you eat them in one piece they taste good, but the separate layers are kind of intensely fake-flavored. Aubrey: I like the caramel layer by itself. Liz: Too fake-caramel flavored for me. It's weirding me out that the texture is so close to caramel, but it's not actually caramel. Aubrey: It's the fake-apple layer that I can't handle on its own. I wish these were all caramel-flavored. Liz: I wish these were all those giant pumpkin candy corn.

Conclusions: These are pretty good eaten as a whole, but get kinda gross if you eat them layer by layer. Not really better than the originals, but a decent way to mix it up. Would we finish it? We could comfortably eat and enjoy a handful of these. Would be buy again? Yes, for some variety. Rating: 3 out of 5

-- Liz and Aubrey

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