Candy Girls: Reese's Select Clusters

What's not to love about a Reese's peanut butter cup product?  Even when the effort is lazy,  the end result is still delicious.  Something about the saltiness of the peanut butter melting with the sweetness of the milk chocolate...home run every time.  Even though we know it's hard to improve on perfection, we're certainly suckers for the attempt.  Thus explaining the puddle of drool we created upon seeing the new Reese's Select Clusters.

First Reactions
The copy on the bag promises clusters containing peanut butter, pecans, peanuts, and caramel all covered in the signature milk chocolate.  We note that the ingredient list also contains macadamia nuts, though they must be in quantities so small that they don't warrant a mention on the front of the bag.  Which is weird.  That's an expensive exotic nut to make a guest appearance!  The clusters are smaller than you might imagine, and come individually wrapped.  The main concern going in is whether the components of the clusters will be able to distinguish themselves amidst the strong peanut butter cup flavor.  A great turtle works because you get a pull of caramel and a melting of chocolate between bites of crisp nuts.  Could Reese's pull it off?
Almost.  So very close.  It's hard because there is no denying these clusters are delicious.  They contain way more caramel than the slightly-boring Peanut Butter Cups with Caramel, and the crunch of nuts is certainly there.  The salty peanut butter is great with the caramel.  So as a Reese's product, they're a winner.  As a turtle, however...the chocolate is almost too soft, blending effortlessly with the peanut butter, which blends right into the caramel. 
The Clusters are missing a WOW factor that you would find in a hand-crafted treat of similar nature.  The taste, while great, is nothing new.  In fact, you will feel like you've eaten this product before, even if it's the first time.
Would we finish it?  We can't say no to Reese's!
Would we buy it again?  If they were on sale, sure.  Otherwise, may as well stick to the originals and get more bang for your buck.
Rating: 4 out of 5 

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