Okay, so we've never read or seen anything from the Twilight series.  Clearly the success of the books-turned-movie has not suffered the loss of two candy-obsessed ladies, but we are always willing to entertain a new themed confection that comes with the promise of "secrets" and "forbidden fruits."

The box is quite tantalizing.  It's graced with the easy-on-the-eyes visage of centenarian vampire Edward Cullen and conversation hearts that appear to not only carry Twilight-customized sayings, but also to glitter.  Additionally, our interest was piqued by the mysterious "Secret Scent" and "Rub to Reveal..." directions.  Ooo, rub what?  Reveal what?

Candy Girls: Twilight Sweethearts, Forbidden Fruits

Unfortunately, we never found out.  Feeling a little silly, we tried rubbing the box and various conversation hearts, but no scent was revealed.  I mean, when we opened the inner plastic lining a huge, overpowering, sticky sweet smell was released into the air, but we didn't think that counted.  And the glitter?  Well, it wasn't so much glitter as a luminescent coating that served more to blur the words than to make the hearts shine.

The hearts came in four "forbidden" flavors: Orange Obsession, Tempting Apple, Secret Strawberry, and Passion Fruit.  We mostly appreciated the Orange, which had a pleasant Creamsicle taste to it, and the Passion Fruit, which, while perfumey, was a nice departure from your everyday candy flavors.  Of course, being Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, they otherwise tasted like your average Valentine's Day nub of chalk--a soft and slightly chewy nub of chalk, thanks to the addition of gelatin.

The sayings on the hearts were revamped (har har) for the Twilight consumer:  "Bite Me," "With You," "Live 4 Ever," "Lamb,"U R My Life."  The "Forks" one had us baffled until an internet search told us that was the name of the town where the series takes place.  This is where being a fan would probably immensely buoy your eating experience.

Would we finish the box?  The 5 ounce, theater-size box may never be emptied.

Would we purchase again?  We think we'll leave them for the true fans.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.