Catch Jozi's at the Denver Bicycle Cafe Tonight for South African Street Food

One of our favorite food finds last summer was the South African specialties of Jozi's Shebeen & Kitchen, which sold boerewors, bobotie and bunny chow from a weekend food shack at the BigWonderful. This year, Angus Hicks and his crew are back — and they've gone mobile — with a bright-red food trailer peddling their favorite Jo'burg bites. 

Today, they'll be in front of the Denver Bicycle Cafe on East 17th Avenue from now until 10 p.m. with a menu of ten items, mostly in the $10 to $12 range. While the names may be unfamiliar to most Denverites, the flavors are instantly familiar, from campfire stews to Indian-influenced curries.
Need help ordering? Try the boerewors and pap if you like grilled sausage (handmade by Jozi's) and polenta. And that bunny chow? It's actually a beef curry served in a hollowed-out bread loaf, and it comes in both a beef and vegetarian version.  Sosatie are seasoned beef skewers grilled with dried apricots and bobotie is a baked savory pie with a custardy topping similar to Greek moussaka.

Grab your meal and head inside the Bicycle Cafe for a beer — just the way it's done in South Africa's original shebeens.

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